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IT Risk Management & Cyber Security Program Development

What We Do

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Our IT Risk Management & Cybersecurity Program Development services offer a holistic approach to securing your business, starting with in-depth assessments and extending to employee training, threat intelligence, and advanced response mechanisms. Equip your organization with the tools and knowledge to preemptively identify vulnerabilities, respond to incidents efficiently, and ensure the integrity of your digital identity, all tailored to fortify your cyber defenses against evolving threats.


Elevate your business's security posture with our suite of assessments, including Cybersecurity, Network, and 3rd Party Risk Assessments. These critical evaluations identify vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure, setting the foundation for a fortified cyber defense strategy.

Cyber Awareness Training

Strengthen your organization's human firewall with Cyber Awareness Training, essential for empowering your employees to recognize and neutralize cyber threats. This program transforms your workforce into an informed and vigilant defense against cyber attacks.

Threat Intelligence Program Development

Advance your business's proactive defense measures with a custom Threat Intelligence Program, utilizing external intelligence to preemptively address and mitigate cyber threats. Operationalize this intelligence for a seamless integration into your existing security stack.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Revolutionize your business's incident response with SOAR, automating security workflows for a faster, more coordinated approach to threats. SOAR's capabilities ensure your business can efficiently detect and respond to incidents, minimizing potential disruptions.

Network Detection & Response

Fortify your network against cyber threats with cutting-edge Network Detection & Response strategies, ensuring resilient network security capable of withstanding the challenges of a dynamic cyber landscape.

Identity Security Program Development

Secure your business's credentials and secrets with our comprehensive Identity Security Program Development. From Governance & Administration to Zero Trust Network Access and Identity Threat Detection & Response, each aspect is meticulously designed to protect your organization's digital identities, safeguarding the gateway to your critical assets.

Meet Our Founder

Elevating IT Risk Management & Cybersecurity with a comprehensive approach that includes assessments, training, and advanced response strategies. His services empower organizations to identify vulnerabilities, respond to incidents effectively, and safeguard digital identities against evolving threats, strengthening cyber defenses.

Richard Serna

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