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Reaching Unimaginable Heights

Beyond Limits with Purpose and Leadership

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The Story of Quest Performance LLC

Unleashing Greatness, Unlocking Potential

Quest Performance was established on the ethos of servant leadership. Having achieved success in fostering high-performing teams and propelling innovation in the Petroleum and Cyber Security Software industries, the company recognized a calling to harness its bestowed talents. This talent lies in assisting individuals to discover their inherent greatness and channeling this potential towards a greater cause. At its heart, Quest Performance is dedicated to enhancing the potential of individuals and society at large through its business endeavors.



We elevate Manufacturing with strategies that streamline operations and enhance productivity, ensuring quality remains uncompromised. Our tailored approach to talent and technology adaptation meets evolving demands and competition. This strategy ensures resilience and competitive edge in the global market.


In the fast-evolving Technology industry, we boost agility and innovation through strategic support. Our focus on talent and cost optimization ensures firms stay ahead without compromising creativity. This formula fosters sustainable growth and competitive prowess.


In the dynamic Energy sector, we drive efficiency and sustainability through strategic innovation. Our approach enables energy firms to adapt, embrace renewables, and leverage technology for competitive advantage. This streamlined strategy ensures market agility and operational excellence.


Our approach in the Insurance industry focuses on innovating risk management strategies and enhancing customer engagement through digital transformation. We empower insurers to balance regulatory compliance with operational efficiency, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market and achieve sustainable growth.

Hospital / Medical

Our strategic focus in the Medical sector boosts patient care and operational efficiency. We support talent management and cost optimization, directing resources to innovation and services essential for growth. This approach prepares healthcare facilities for the evolving landscape, ensuring sustainable advancement.

Banking / Financial Industry

In the Financial industry, we navigate regulatory changes and market shifts with expertise, enhancing service offerings and customer experience. Strategic talent development and cost optimization prepare firms for the digital era, maximizing profitability. This strategy ensures adaptability and sustained competitiveness.

Performance Strategy Coaching

Discover our services, from Organizational Change to Personal Mentoring, crafted to guide you through today's challenges and pave the way for tomorrow's successes with strategic and individualized growth plans.

Business Performance Strategy Planning

Explore strategic planning services designed to elevate your business, from discovering strengths to executing comprehensive growth strategies for a competitive edge.

IT Risk Management & Cyber Security Program Development

Transform your IT risk management and cybersecurity stance with comprehensive programs covering assessments, cyber awareness training, threat intelligence, SOAR, network detection, and identity security development.

Keynote Speaker

Elevate your business performance and cybersecurity posture with our Keynote Speaking Services, delivering actionable insights for achieving operational excellence and digital safety.

Voices of Success:

Transformative Conversations with Our Clients

“Richard helped me create a blue print of my business. Not only was it a good way to audit myself, it set me up for a strong foundation to grow from. Having my business documented and having it in physical form to look at on a regular basis has helped me make the proper decisions to stay on track and focused for the next level. I can't thank you enough for helping me organize and detail what Diamond Dog is all about. I would recommend anyone with an existing business and anyone who's thinking of starting a business to sit down with Richard and map it out.”

Manny Alonso, Owner
Diamond Dogs

“Richard Serna is a true gentlemen and professional when comes to his business of creating a foundation for anyone’s dreams. My dream is to make my company, HamptonTech Solutions the best small business in Florida. However to achieve that I definitely needed a blueprint that would set me on that path. And that is exactly what Richard has done for me and my company. He often said to me that the true success comes from a strong leadership that has a clear vision of the future. I will be forever grateful for all you have done for me and my  company.”

Raymond Hampton

CEO/President of HamptonTech LLC

Shalom - Working with Quest Performance and specifically Richard through 1on1 coaching has provided me with beneficial perspectives, good counsel, strategy for developing my businesses, consistent accountability, and overall has supported my work in continuing to grow into the greatest version of my self. Richard has a passion for helping people actualize their God given gifts & purpose in life and truly wants to see people succeed. He is compassionate, focused, and dedicated to greatness. It truly is a blessing to work with him.

Tanner Lynam

Start Your Quest Today

Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level? Get in touch with us today to schedule a personalized coaching session. We will collaborate with you to identify your unique strengths, address areas of development, and design a customized plan to help you reach your objectives.

Meet Our Founder

With experience across B2B and B2C consulting, Richard Serna is a servant leader at heart that is passionate about uncovering true greatness in people. Richard started Quest Performance as a way to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses with the gift God instilled in their lives. Quest Performance offers a range of services including Performance Strategy Coaching, Business Performance Strategy Planning, IT Risk Management to Cybersecurity, and Keynote Speaking.

Richard Serna

"Gave me an eye opening view on ways to attack and strategize in my business"

Hey, what's going on? My name is Demon Logan, I'm a mindset development specialist and I had the amazing opportunity to work with Quest Performance. Now let me tell you what I got, and this is just the first consultation. It gave me a way to reframe and restructure my business, and it created opportunities that I didn't know were there before.  I mean Richard is truly phenomenal at the work, truly phenomenal at opening the door to your own business. Now as a mindset development specialist I'm all about putting it here and executing, but you have to acknowledge that sometimes you just don't know what you don't know.  And working with Richard,  it gave me an eye opening view on ways to attack and strategize in my business. And if you're looking for it, I'm going to recommend him to you too.

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